Welcome to the hassle-free world!

Giver lists in 30 seconds

Take a few photos. Add a title.

Taker pays with points

No endless enquiries or painful negotiations.

Giver ships the item

Choose a convenient time for free pickup at your door. No meetups.

Turn used stuff into rewards

We make it simple for you to give stuff you don't need to people who want it. You also get to earn points in a fun way to redeem items you like.

Rewards of all kinds, up for grabs











Frequently Asked Questions

Why is FreeUp interesting?

It's joyful to pass our stuff to others who need them. FreeUp helps us do that without hassle and with free doorstep pick-up. When you find something you like, instead of using cash to get it, you use points earned from giving stuff away to others, or completing various in-app activities. Essentially, everything on FreeUp is offered for free by our amazing givers.

How is FreeUp better than online classifieds?

The top reason why people refrain from giving or selling many of their personal stuff through online classifieds is the hassle involved. We are all too familiar with receiving endless enquiries, conducting painful negotiations and making delivery arrangement. FreeUp removes all of these - no messaging, no negotiations, no meetups.

How do I give away stuff?

Similar to how you would upload an Instagram post, simply snap some pictures of the items. Give a line of description, and tell people how many points you want in return. You will be notified when there is a taker and we will take care of the rest.

What is the coverage area of your service?

FreeUp operates pan-India, servicing over 14,000 PIN codes.

How do you manage pick up and delivery?

As a giver or taker, you can manage your addresses in the app. Our logistics partners will come to pick up the items from givers and deliver to takers. The only part in FreeUp that involves cash transaction is the Taker paying for standard logistics fees.

In the event of dispute, how will FreeUp resolve the issue?

Let us know what the issue is, and we will have someone to help you resolve the situation. You can write an email to us or submit a ticket in the app by going to Profile -> Settings -> Contact Us.